Elise's Crepes

Elise's Crepes is now equipped to do inside catering!  If you are planning in indoor event, and you would like a crêpe station, contact Elise for details.

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During the summer, our mobile crepe cart, Elise's Crepes, is out and about several times/week, as well as at some special events coming up..

Cleveland Flea market at Sterle's:
May 10, June 14, 

Cleveland Flea Market at ( Tyler Village (E. 36th and Superior)

July 12, August 9, September 13, October 11

Hingetown Market:
May 25
July 20
August 17
September 21
October 19

Our schedule is subject to change, as weather is a factor. Please feel free to find us on Facebook, or simply call: 440 346-1437

Elise's Crêpes can cater your next lunch or party

Our menu may be updated from time to time, and if you have a specific request, we will do our best to accommodate you. For service details click here. For further information, or to book an event, please email or call 440 346-1437.

Petite Crêpes: Sweet Bar..................................$3.20 each
A basic Dessert crêpe may be made to order for each guest, and filled with up to 3 or 4 of the following:

~dark chocolate  ~Nutella  ~roasted pecans  ~housemade caramel sauce   ~sliced bananas  ~ sliced strawberries  ~jam

Full-sized Savory Crêpes (on buckwheat crêpe)

~ Ham or roasted turkey with gruyere/mozzarella  mixture.$6.90 ea

~ Provençal White Bean salad w/spinach, green onion, brined olives red peppers and Dijon mustard vinegrette..$6.90 ea

~ Smoked Norwegian Salmon w/ cream cheese, capers,
pickled red onion…….
$8 each

~ Sauteed mushrooms w/garlic, herbs and truffle oil and
cheese (gruyere/mozz……..$8 each